Resurrection!!! Part 1b, The Need & The Prophecy: Fundamental Facts

Sabaoth Spring 2023


Resurrection!!! Jesus, The Son of God With Power By The Resurrection From The Dead

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   Part 1b: Fundamental Facts


When a Body is being lowered into the grave; a proclamation is kind of being made that; this person being lowered into the grave has finished entirely and completely with the life of this world and all that belongs to it. In other words, his/her relationship with this world and this present life is finished.

In the same way, when our Lord Jesus (His Body) was being lowered into the grave; a proclamation was kind of being made that; with regards to this person Jesus being lowered into the grave, His relationship with life in this present world which He had entered into has finished. That life which is under the law and within the realm of the power of sin was finished – it WAS done with.

He was entirely finished with that peculiar relationship which He had entered into for the purposes of our salvation. His burial means that, that relationship with the realm; the reign; and the territory of sin into which He had deliberately and voluntarily brought Himself in order to save us, no longer obtained – it WAS done with.

Through it all, He was always without sin.

Heavenly Father, we pray for the grace to come to that point where we realise the true place of the Holy Spirit, that His entire work is to lead our souls into union with the our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, and the knowledge of you our Father in heaven whilst He Himself directs, and works in the background.




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