Faith For Sanctification

Sabaoth SUMMER 2019
PLAN A2, BACK ON TRACK – Transformation: The proving of Faith and The Glory of God

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Our Freedom From Sin Section D – Faith For Sanctification

The Law, Faith and Repentance In Sanctification

FAITH FOR SANCTIFICATION – Firstly Revealed To our Mind: Then Sealed Upon Our Heart By The Holy Spirit.

When it comes to sanctification, our faith plays out in a two-fold movement: downward, we cease to trust in our ability to improve ourselves; upward, we put our trust in Jesus for the transformation of our life. Trust is a firm reliance on the character or integrity of another; it is also a measure of the spiritual authority God puts at our disposal, which is also commensurate with the level of our spiritual maturity. Worldly maturity connotes the level of being independent of anyone; but spiritual maturity is the:


It demands that we cease to trust in our ability to improve ourselves; and we put our trust in Jesus’ finished work for the transformation of our life.

Faith is higher knowledge that goes beyond just what our intellect is able to comprehend or what any mental action, or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding – through thought, experience, and the senses (cognition) can provide for us. It is the persuasion that informs the general air of confidence; a firm conviction that something is the case and is reliably true. A persuasion that goes beyond our human ability or shrewdness to attain but is imparted to us by the Holy Spirit.

The foundation of faith pertaining to our sanctification is based on real, solid, tangible, realistic, true to life testimony that comes from personal knowledge of God’s compassion, goodwill or benevolence towards us; founded upon the truth of the freely given promise in Christ, both revealed to our minds and sealed upon our hearts through the Holy Spirit. This is not just about agreeing with historical facts about Jesus Christ, but knowledge we have that God will be compassionate towards us because of Him, Jesus Christ. This revealed to our minds and sealed upon our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

Righteousness is the result of believing in our heart, not our minds, and those who do not know the power of God only believe in Him in their minds. It is is not about ‘cognition’ but a genuine trust in God.



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