Greatest Inheritance Ever

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Greatest Inheritance Ever

Would you take your partner back if he / she emptied out your savings and left with it all?

In layman’s terms, atonement (reconciliation) is the bringing together of two parties that were initially at odds, and propitiation (appeasement) is the idea of making correction for something that may have caused the two to be at odds.

Let us take for example, the case of a man whose wife empties out his savings and runs away. After a period of separation they decide to settle their disagreement (propitiation) and get back together as one (atonement).

In this scenario, bringing the wife and husband together is atonement (reconciliation) and the provision for taking care (appeasement) of the sinful act of the wife (or husband) – the “money problem” is propitiation.

Guess one of the first questions here would be “how much of the money has she got left”? And for that question to be asked, the husband and wife have to come together one way or the other. Depending on the state of mind of the husband (or how broke he is), the person resolving this conflict will first of all have to be very well sure that the “money problem” is resolved (Holy God: righteousness, truth and justice) who provided (lamb slain from the foundation of the earth).

A comprehensive package that addresses the covetousness of the wife (or as the case may be, the stinginess of the husband and/or other factors that might caused the situation to occur) must also be put in place – these (man’s debt from his sinful nature) are what the Gospel of Jesus Christ addresses through His death, burial, and resurrection.

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